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What is DMR


DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users developed by ETSI under its ERM Technical Committee. The standard is designed to operate within the existing channel spacing used in land mobile frequency bands in Europe. DMR is specifically targeted at small to medium sized PMR systems where analogue PMR is currently applied today. The primary goal of the DMR standardization is to specify a digital system with low complexity and low cost levels. It will provide voice, data and other supplementary services.


The first release of the DMR Standard has been approved by ETSI. It is released as a Technical Standard TS 102 361 covering the Air interface (Part I) and Services and Facilities (Part II) for voice and data calls, for the 12.5 KHz TDMA protocol for Tier I and Tier II products.


There are 3 tiers in the DMR standard:

  • DMR Tier I products are for license-free use in the 446MHz band.

Under Tier I, ETSI has also defined two Tier-1 protocols:

    • DMR Tier-1 protocol utilizes 12.5kHz FDMA
    • dPMR protocol utilizes 6.25kHz FDMA

Both protocols provide for consumer applications and low-power commercial applications, using a maximum of 0.5 watt RF power. With a limited number of channels and no use of repeaters, no use of telephone interconnects, and fixed/integrated antennas, Tier-1 DMR/dPMR devices are best suited for personal use, recreation, small retail and other settings that donít require wide area coverage and advanced features.

  • DMR Tier II covers hand portables, mobiles and base stations operating in the VHF and UHF allocations for PMR.

The ETSI DMR Tier-2 standard is targeted to those users who need spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and integrated IP data services in licensed bands for high-power communications. ETSI DMR Tier-2 calls for two slot TDMA in 12.5 kHz channels.

  • DMR Tier III products will support trunking operation.


The newly formed DMR MOU group is working on the interoperability specification for DMR radios. Manufacturers including Motorola, Vertex Standard, Kenwood, Icom and others are working on the development of products.


As this standard is relatively new, there are not many products available in the market yet.

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